Artists and Artisans Currently Showing at Whitman Works Company


TeeJay Dill

TeeJay is a tattooer by day. She has owned and worked out of White Tiger Tattoo here in Rochester for over 20 years. Her personal work has been described as fantastical and time-loose:  depicting creatures people and places that are at once familiar and surreal. TeeJay believes these things are around us everyday. She wishes to share them with you to help you better find them in your own life.

Exhibit: Postcards from the Creative Mind of TeeJay

Mark Groaning

Mark is one of the most prolific and accomplished artists in our area.  The depth and variety of his work is nothing short of incredible.  Paintings on canvas, wood and steel, fused glass jewelry, steel sculptures from the very small such as pendants to the very tall for home, office or garden...mobiles, light sculptures, sculpted acrylic forms and photography repainted with new life.  He does it all.

Exhibit: Radiance: Luminaries by Mark Groaning

Mike Kraus.jpg

Mike Kraus

Mike is known for his vibrant paintings of nature both real and imagined. Originally from Muskegon, Michigan, he attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving to Rochester, New York. Kraus is a full-time artist living with his wife, Megan Bell.  

Exhibit: Mike Kraus Arts


Sara Lalik

Creating has always been Sara's passion. After experimenting with numerous materials, she fell in love with the personality of metal. Metals forms in its own way and often guides her creative process. All of her work is hand fabricated with as obsessive attention to detail as possible. With the exception of very few pieces, they are one of a kind. Sara loves to work with beautifully cut stones and beads to create something that may bring inspiration to those who wear it.


Maria Victoria Savka

A local of Rochester, NY, M. Victoria Savka received a BFA in Fine Arts Studio and a BFA in Illustration from RIT.  Victoria's current focuses are drypoint animal monoprints, abstract deconstructive painting, and whimsical doodles.


Maureen Robbins

Maureen's work is among the most unique in our space.  She takes commonly found objects and reimagines them into lively, unique and useable works of art.  Her incredible works will brighten any corner of your home or garden.

Exhibit: Bejeweled: The Contemporary Arts of Maureen Robbins 


Renee Mendler

Renee is a self-taught Contemporary Abstract Artist from Rochester, NY.  She finds beauty and excitement in the freedom of the abstract painting process. Color and movement take over her surfaces and create radiant, enchanting works. Each painting is completely original, made from her own unique painting process. Based on acrylics, mixed media, and resin, her work is the result of a long and ongoing experiments and study with different techniques and learning through mistakes.

Exhibit: Renee Mendler

Bev Rafferty.jpg

Beverly Rafferty

Beverly's work reflects her belief that the sacred resides all around us and is reflected in nature and the Earth. Her works reflect this believe in beautful landscape and nature scenes.She has been painting since the age of 16 and exhibiting since she was 19.  She completed degrees in Fine Art through FLCC, RIT, and Empire State College, culminating with a Masters Degree.

Exhibit: Reflections, Sacred Landscapes by Beverly Rafferty


Gretel Hepler

Gretel's work has evolved over the years and currently is focused on creating custom pet portraits. Much of Gretel's work consists of painting on wood and then wood burning the image. The rest of the process is a combination of adding and taking away lots of layers using everything from paint, modeling paste, embossing powder, pigments, gelatos, watercolor to pencils.

Arlene Sherman (Dragonfly Jewelry )

Arlene started making jewelry as an outlet after retiring from her nursing career. She has an amazing talent with colors and a passion for designing. She has progressed over time from simple beaded bracelets to Silver-smithing.  Working with metal clay is one of her favorite mediums, as it is so forgiving and has unlimited design opportunities.  

Lisa Johnson.png

Lisa Johnson (Beachcomber Designs)

Lisa Johnson’s handmade jewelry is inspired by the spirit of beach combing; finding the beauty in forgotten and overlooked things. Each piece is made by hand using fine silver, sterling silver, and bead-weaving techniques. Pieces can incorporate pebbles, beach glass, or textures from found objects. Others might be sparked by symbols or design through history.
Beachcomber Designs jewelry makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates things with a little history and earthy magic.


Melissa LeBeau (MCL Designs)

 Melissa creates jewelry pieces from precious metal clay, bronze and copper clay. For those of you not familiar with PMC (metal clay) it comes in a clay form, once you shape/mold it, its fired in a kiln and you're left with a solid metal piece. 

Mary Catherman

Mary’s Contemporary Creations came about after almost 30 years in the corporate world and the desire to turn a hobby into a business. "After years of trying just aboutevery craft and hobby known to man – I found Glass – Fused Glass – I love its texture, feel and fluidity – I have finally found a medium for my creative expression.”

Headshot 2.jpg

Stacey Rowe

In addition to making art, she is the editor-at-large at (585) Magazine and author of the column, Dates & Nuts. Her storytelling abilities tend to carry over into her art. Primarily working in acrylic with a vibrant palette, Rowe incorporates symbolism and imagery from her life, notable people and places, and pop culture. She will often give animals and inanimate objects human qualities, which creates an unconventional juxtaposition of fantasy and everyday life. There are typically multi-layered messages and humorous undertones in her paintings.


Molly O'Riley
(Darling Rage Creations)

Molly O'Riley is the artist and magical color painting unicorn behind Darling Rage Creations. She is known for her use of vibrant colors, bold forms, and abstract compositions. A self-proclaimed process-based artist, she is passionate about using color and creativity to express the beautiful mess that makes up all our lives. As a Rochester, NY native; she loves pulling inspiration from her city and the people in it.

Exhibit: Deep Lines - Art by the Darling Rage

Victoria Connors

Having grown up in the Finger Lakes, the regional terrain expressed to Victoria the peace and beauty of nature. She was first introduced to fiber arts and needle felting in June 2014 while volunteering in Rochester. There she saw an inspirational felting demonstration that tempted her into this incredible medium. She then began creating her own needle felt paintings and pushing to new limits with this medium.

Exhibit: Natural Beauty - The Fiber Artworks of Victoria Connors

JGT Photo.jpg

Jane Grace Taylor

I deeply explore every art form I encounter in my search for personal expression. Photography is a vital tool that allows me to capture the images -and people- who may "become" my next painting. The liveliness and responsiveness f ink on the papers used in ancient eastern arts brings the whisper of a passing bird to life.”   -Jane grace Taylor

CAF Creations.jpg

Corinne Fallone (CAF Creations)

Corinne Fallone is a full time freelance illustrator and a resident of Rochester, New York. She received her BFA in illustration at RIT and has since started her own business, CAF Creations. As an entrepreneur, Fallone paints to inspire and lift the spirits of those around her. Her passions include painting and the art of dance. Fallone has learned to use movement, a physical expression from the heart, to translate that emotion onto canvas. Her vibrant and colorful paintings derive from her optimistic outlook on life and persistence of following her dream of becoming an artist. 

Exhibit: CAF Creations - The Uplifting Works of Corinne Fallone

Picture of the Artist.jpg

Todd Bassage

Todd Bassage has been creating works of art for over twenty years, specializing in abstract painting, sculpture, and photography.  From 1999 to 2001, he studied painting at Finger Lakes Community College under Tom Insalaco and Helen Santelli, an experience that began to shape his interest in creating works of art.  Since college, Todd has been experimenting with self-taught techniques creating abstract works of art in his home studio in Fairport, New York.


Helen Demay

Helen enjoys painting with oils, acrylic, pastel and sumi ink dry brush.  She enjoys experimentation and it has led her to the style that she has today. Being visually challenged has also given an odd skew to herwork. She enjoys the undulations of form, the subtleties of light, and the permeable focus of color that she sees in the world. 


Josh Bulriss

A passionate devotion to capturing the core of culture has driven New York photographer Josh Bulriss to wander the world.

Josh has dwelled amongst many contrastive walks of life and his craving to delve out diversity has led him to locales far from well-worn roads. In dozens of countries he has shown an inquisitive eye for documenting beauty and all it encompasses in people, nature and daily life. Josh's work shows an ability to capture natural exquisiteness in cultural items that seem unseen to the naked eye. 


Ya'qub Shabazz

Ya’qub Shabazz (Sankofa Studios) was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side where he absorbed a wide range of experiences that would become the inspiration for much of his artistic expression. A former case manager (for returning prisoners and youth offenders in Wisconsin), Ya’qub witnessed a cultural void that inspired his entrance into the world of painting and woodcarving. 

Exhibit: See the Rhythm: The Art of Ya'qub Shabazz


Peggy Kehoe

In Peggy Kehoe’s paintings, tangible subjects fade in and out of colorful and elusive brush marks. For subjects, Kehoe draws from art history and the modern media.

After teaching art in Pittsford, NY for 16 years, Kehoe now paints full-time in her home studio near Honeoye Falls. Born and raised in Kansas, she lived in Florida and Washington before arriving in New York State to attend college. She earned her MFA degree at Rochester Institute of Technology. Kehoe has exhibited her work in numerous nationally and regionally juried shows.

Exhibit: Subsequent Songs - Art by Peggy Kehoe


Robert Seebach

Robert Seebach was born in Rochester, NY.  He was awarded a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006. Much of Mr. Seebach’s art work is permeated with psychological themes, both conscious and unconscious. These themes are manifested through color, symbolism, and surrealistic imagery.

Exhibit: The Surreal Plane - An Art Exhibition by Robert Seebach