Interaction Makes the Difference


There are a lot of different ways to market and promote art and artists.  It can be overwhelming to think about which  options are going to work best for you.  We consider our space to be focused on emerging and mid-career artists from the local area.  In this phase of an artists career, it is important to do two things: produce work and get it in front of the public.  We recommend you look at your calendar for the year and think strategically about how you can be a consistent presence in the community. We are here to help! Schedule a time with us and we will help build out a plan with you.

 Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Those who are actively engaged with us at the gallery sell more.
  2. Meet the customer. Come to events and participate. Customers love talking to you and will be more ready to buy.
  3. Rotate stock. If we haven't sold much in 3-6 months, consider changing out some of the work we have.
  4. Cross-promotion. We would love to work with you on finding more ways to cross promote with you. Let us know and we can help create and print marketing materials for your next show or festival.

Interaction and communication are key.  We are building a brand in the community through promotions and advertising, events and exhibits. Let's work together to build yours as well.