Corinne Fallone (CAF Creations)

CAF Creations (2).jpg

Corinne Fallone is a full time freelance illustrator and a resident of Rochester, New York. She received her BFA in illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology and since then has started her own business, CAF Creations. As an entrepreneur, Fallone paints to inspire and lift the spirits of those around her. Her passions include painting and the art of dance. Fallone has learned to use movement, a physical expression from the heart, and translate that emotion onto canvas. Her vibrant and colorful paintings derive from her optimistic outlook on life and persistence of following her dream of becoming an artist. 

Exhibitions: CAF Creations: The Uplifting Works of Corinne Fallone (July 2017)

Art of Corinne Fallone Available at Whitman Works Company