Regina Macedo

Regina uses bold compositions and strong colors to produce vibrant paintings that invite the viewer to explore an exotic and colorful world. Her work is clearly divided into two domains: paintings that depict the complexity and beauty of nature; and paintings of people, with a marked preference for Indian ethnic groups in Brazil. Her artistic style ranges from impressionistic, bold strokes used to produce color-drenched landscapes to more subtle brushstrokes that result in realistic paintings of people and animals. Her work has earned several awards and has found its way to collectors in Brazil, the US, Mexico, Scotland and Namibia.

The combination of subjects and styles brought together in Regina Macedo’s body of work reflects artistic, personal and professional experiences, yielding a vibrant and original essence to each painting. “With every canvas, I hope to transmit some feeling based on concepts or images that filled me with emotion of some kind—sometimes joy, sometimes wonder and occasionally wistfulness or sadness. My goal is to convey these feelings to the viewers of my paintings, and to momentarily take them away from their busy lives to a place of quiet contemplation.”

Recent article about the artist: (Sooner Magazine, Vol. 39, No. 4)


Works by Regina Macedo Available at Whitman Works Company