Renee Mendler


Renee Mendler is a self-taught Contemporary Abstract Artist from Rochester, NY. She has degrees in special education and mathematics. Prior to having children, she taught high school math for Hillside’s Family of Agencies for close to ten years. Currently, she balances being a stay at home mom and painting every chance she gets. 

Renee finds beauty and excitement in the freedom of her abstract painting process. Color and movement take over the surface and create radiant, enchanting works. Each painting is completely original, made from her own unique painting process.  When she begins her work, she lets the paint take over and moves with it. Based on acrylics, mixed media, and resin, her work is the result of a long and ongoing experiments and study with different techniques and learning through mistakes.

Exhibitions: Renee Mendler at Whitman Works Company (Feb. 2017)

Renee Mendler Art Works Available at Whitman Works Company