Shawn Conn

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Shawn Conn’s art is nothing short of stunning. Working in both portraiture and abstract, his work leaves the viewer in awe of his ability to create iconic imagery in a loose and expressive style. Shawn began his formal art training at the Rochester Institute of Technology, studying painting and illustration under the tutelage of mentors such as Judd Williams, Steve Loar and Fred Meyer. Following four years of military service, Shawn focused on becoming a successful tattooist and freelance illustrator. However, his first love – painting – was never far from his mind. In 2006, he began to paint in earnest, working fervently to define his style and his artistic voice. Over the last several years Mr. Conn has exhibited his work in numerous group shows, both in the United States and internationally.

Exhibitions: Windows Into Darkness (April 2019)
Artist Spotlight: Shawn Conn (April 2019)


Works Available by Shawn Conn at Whitman Works Company