Victoria Connors

Victoria Connors Bio Pic.jpg

Growing up in the Finger Lakes, the regional terrain showed Victoria the peace and beauty of nature. She has always enjoyed the process of creating, using landscape and surrealism as her main passions for expression.

She was first introduced to fiber arts and needle felting in June 2014 while volunteering in Rochester. She saw an inspiring felting demonstration, and from there began creating her own needle felt paintings and pushing herself to new limits with this medium.

Her inspirations are the landscapes of the Finger Lakes Region and from her travels across the country. The majority of her felt paintings represent scenes from Cayuga, Seneca and Cananandaigua Lake. Her latest series is derived from her numerous travels to National Parks and the incredible national landmarks.

Exhibition: Natural Beauty: The Fiber Artworks of Victoria Connors (October 2017)

Victoria Connors Art Works Available at Whitman Works Company