Whitman Works Company May 2018 Exhibition:


Subsequent Songs
Art by Peggy Kehoe

Whitman Works Company presents a new exhibition by Peggy Kehoe titled, "Subsequent Songs", on display from May 5th through June 3rd.  Ms. Kehoe, a nationally recognized artist, explores subjects that detail heightened human connection through an unknowable subtext of calligraphic brush marks.  Visit the gallery to see this incredible exhibition of art.

We have a sampling of the works in the gallery in our online shop. We always encourage customers to stop in to see items in person or to view the full range of our offering. Shop for your art by type in our Webstore below:



Upcoming Exhibitions!

Subsequent Songs - Art by Peggy Kehoe - Open May 5th

Deep Lines, Art By The Darling Rage - Opens June 9th

The Surreal Plane - An Art Exhibition by Robert Seebach

Original Works, Locally Made, At Your Leisure

Overrun with box store prints and mass-produced trinkets, we were compelled to create a space where meaningful arts, jewelry and decor can be found. There is an abundance of creative talent in western New York. Artists, jewelers, and craft-makers of all kinds are hiding in every corner. We want to bring these artisans and their work to the forefront. We host artists of all ilk, and aim to create a marketplace that connects them with patrons, art lovers and folks who appreciate unique and original items.

Art Consultation and Installation Services are Available.

Call (585) 747-9999 for details.

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