Final Week!

Sass Menagerie:

The Whimsical Work of Stacey Rowe

Now showing in the main gallery, Sass Menagerie, explores the contradictory nature of being in the public eye – the anxieties and humor of day-to-day social interactions through animal symbolism, as well as a homage to celebrity and style via the Pantone Series. Click below for more information!

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Upcoming Exhibitions

April: Windows Into Darkness: The Art of Shawn Conn
May: Paladins: Art of the Warrior Spirit by Dan Caster
June: Peter Botsis
July: Group Show TBD
September: Lorraine Staunch
October: TeeJay Dill
November: Beverly Rafferty
December: Member Show

We have a curated sampling of the artists represented in the gallery in our online shop. We always encourage customers to stop in to see items in person or to view the full range of our offering. To see more work by any artists, please click through below: