This August, Whitman Works Company is showcasing a selection of the best art and artists in the Rochester area. For “Curator’s Choice: A Collection of the Area's Finest Artwork”, we have created an exhibition of pieces that draw in and connect with the viewer from a collector’s perspective.

The diverse works available in this show come from a storied list of local artists including: Mark Groaning, TeeJay Dill, Shawn Conn, Mike Kraus, Renee Mendler, Peggy Kehoe, Gretchen Lee Carletta, and Maureen Robbins.

We hope you will join us to see this unique communal show. This show will run from August 2nd until August 24th.

What is this all about?

Even the best artists produce a lot of bad art. They must! You don't get to great art without hours of experimentation and editing and failure. If you ever get the chance to see a studio retrospective exhibition, you will see the many attempts through which artists hone their message and their craft. So many half-pieces and studies of parts that will eventually become a whole.

It can be so hard to know when something is complete! Is it still a part of the experiment? Or is it ready for release into the wild? As a curator, I help artists select those pieces that you see in the gallery. Come and experience some of the best that Whitman Works has to offer.

Works Shown in the Curator’s Choice Exhibition