Gretel Hepler: The Artistic Spirit of Animalea

Whitman Works Company is proud to host an exhibit of art works by Gretel Hepler. “The Artistic Spirit of Animalea” is a show focused on capturing beauty and spirit in the animal world. Ms. Hepler’s multi-layered pieces incorporate a depth and vibrancy meant to encapsulate the soulful anima (true inner self) of each subject. Each image is partially carved and painted into wood panel then layered with a variety of media. The result is a stunning projection of each animal with tactile qualities that invite viewers to touch and feel each piece as part of the experience. Please join us as we welcome the artist in person for an opening of this extraordinary exhibition on October 6th from 6 pm until 9 pm. The exhibit runs in the Whitman Works Company gallery from October 6th through October 28th, 2018.

About the Artist:

Ms. Hepler’s artwork evolved significantly over time as she experimented with layering an ever wider variety of media. Early on, Ms. Hepler’s work consisted primarily of painting and wood-burning images. She has since developed a complex process that is a combination of adding and removing numerous layers of paint, modeling paste, embossing powder, pigments, gelatos, watercolor, pencils, and more. Ms. Hepler considers herself both teacher and learner as she works with children and adults in exploring their artistic talents in a variety of locations from her home to the local pub