Mother's Day Gift Boxes!

We have started to curate special gift boxes for that special mother in your life.  Each box is themed and one-of-a-kind. So if you see one that you like, you had better grab it quickly!


Original Works, Locally Made, At Your Leisure

Something about original arts holds our own feelings. It's personal. Finding that right piece of art or jewelry that matches your own expression can be difficult. There are some great artists right in our area, but often they go unseen unless we are willing to brave the crowds at special events. At Whitman Works Company, we provide the time and space to discover these works when you are available.  

Whitman Works company is a boutique artisan gallery on the Four Corners of Penfield, New York. Overrun with box store prints and mass-produced trinkets, we needed to create some space to find meaningful arts, jewelry and decor.  There is an abundance of creative talent in western New York. Artists, craftsmen, jewelers, among others can be found hiding in every corner. We want to bring them and their work into the forefront. We are here to host artists of all ilk, and to create a new marketplace that connects them with new patrons and art lovers.

In the Gallery: April Show(ers) - MsWritten Art                                                               by Qori Moorehaul

April Show(ers) will feature over a dozen abstract expressionistic pieces in the Cartoon Real-Life style of MsWritten Art by Qori Moorehaul. The images in this exhibit all depict change, personal growth, and triumph over turmoils. Ms. Moorehaul's art is an expression of her turning negative emotions into something positively beautiful. This is accomplished through a series of flowers and trees in a style that's drippy, gloppy, bright, deep and multi-dimensional. Whitman Works Company is pleased to present this exhibit through the month from April 5th - 25th.

For a closer look at this exhibit, click HERE.

For a closer look at this exhibit, click HERE.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso

Art Consultation and Installation Services are Available.

Call (585) 747-9999 for details.

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Find us in the Four Corners of Penfield, right next to our friends at the Art Stop!

Find us in the Four Corners of Penfield, right next to our friends at the Art Stop!

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