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How the West Was One - The Romance of Western Vistas by Beverly Rafferty

Whitman Works Company is pleased to present "How The West Was One," a new exhibition of paintings by Beverly Rafferty. This series of striking western landscapes features Ms. Rafferty's signature use of metal leaf to create unusual depth of light and color in her scenes. In this style and format, she captures the grandness and romance of the American West. This show will be open for viewing in the gallery through October 26th.

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Whitman Works Company is a boutique artisan gallery in Rochester, New York. There is a great wealth of incredible artistic talent out there. Our focus is on finding unique those talents and help bring attention to their works. While much of our focus can be on the more “traditional” painting and sculpture, we also work to expose and elevate the work of other types of makers as well. Our space is divided into two sections. The front is a classic gallery boutique with a rich selection of fine arts and artisan creations such as jewelry, wood-work, glass, pottery, and metal-work. The back is a formal exhibition space where we highlight a special artist or theme each month.