Radiance: Luminaries by Mark Groaning

Whitman Works Company is pleased to present a special exhibition of works by multi-media artist Mark Groaning focused on his Luminaries collection from January 13 until February 3, 2018.

These painted metal, fused glass and poly-carbonate sculptures feature a central light source such as a candle or bulb. Come experience the beauty of these objects and their interplay with light and shadow. 

About The Artist:

Mark Groaning paints on a wide variety of materials that include canvas, wood, glass and metal to create unique objects of art and he sometimes integrates several of these materials into one single composition. He also produces many of his own surfaces which he later paints by melting glass or welding steel, expanding his creations well beyond the conventional framed format. His many creations include paintings, vessels, ornaments, luminaries and handcrafted wearable creations. With boundless energy and imagination, he expresses himself as the Universe moves him.

"I am a whirlwind of ideas and energy. I express those ideas with upbeat, energetic, bold, bright, happy colors and themes. Life inspires me with it's many wonders, from the seemingly mundane to the Majestic. People I converse with, that dog walking by, a kitty lazing in the sun, a steaming cup of coffee, bombastic bouquets, fractured abstracts, classic car chrome reflections, sunrises, moonsets, wildflowers swaying in a gentle breeze. The Universe moves me to express and create with whatever tools and resources I have at hand and I do so with wild abandon." -Mark Groaning

Photo Credit: Mark Groaning