Deep Lines, Art By The Darling Rage

Brilliant local artist, Molly O'Riley, of The Darling Rage, will be showcasing her new series of art titled, "Deep Lines - Uncovering Our Inner Truths" at the Whitman Works Company main gallery from June 9th until June 30th, 2018.

Ms. O'Riley explores the danger and beauty of our inner consciousness often censored or glossed over with labels and over-simplification. These highly contrastive works allow both darkness and light to be free and expressive. Her work is a message of knowing and empowerment to those who endure these internal struggles.

About the Artist: Molly Elizabeth is the artist and magical color painting unicorn behind The Darling Rage (IG: @darlingrage). She is known for her use of vibrant colors, bold forms, and abstract compositions. A self-proclaimed process-based artist, she is passionate about using color and creativity to express the beautiful mess that makes up all our lives. As a fiery advocate for intersectional feminism and host of the Darling Rage Nation podcast, she pulls inspiration from the voices of the women she interviews and the diverse stories they tell.

Photo Credit: Christian Rivera