The Surreal Plane - An Art Exhibition by Robert Seebach

Whitman Works Company presents an exhibition of paintings by Rochester artist Robert Seebach. Mr. Seebach presents a body of work that portrays figures and objects within barren, surreal landscapes. His use of color and symbolism elicit primitive impulses projected from the unconscious mind onto a two-dimensional plane. Mr. Seebach creates a deliberate relationship between the figures and objects within these scenes; a juxtaposition which references the physical and metaphysical attributes of the human experience. The show will runs in the Whitman Works Company main gallery from July 8th until July 28th, 2018.

Photos by Derek Darling


About the Artist:

Robert Seebach was born in Rochester, NY. He began undergraduate studies at Monroe Community College in Visual Arts and Psychology before relocating to Savannah, GA. He was awarded a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006, and returned to Monroe Community College in 2013 to acquire credentials in Addictions Counseling. Much of Mr. Seebach’s art work is permeated with psychological themes, both conscious and unconscious. These themes are manifested through color, symbolism, and surrealistic imagery. His creative pieces can be seen in numerous private collections across the United States and in volume 35 of Studio Visit Magazine, 2017.