Sass Menagerie: The Whimsical Work of Stacey Rowe

Whitman Works Company is pleased to present the art exhibition, "Sass Menagerie: The Whimsical Work of Stacey Rowe." Working with a vibrant acrylic palette, Stacey Rowe incorporates imagery from her life, notable people and places, and pop culture. Sass Menagerie explores the contradictory nature of being in the public eye – the anxieties and humor of day-to-day social interactions through animal symbolism, as well as a homage to celebrity and style via the Pantone Series. This exhibition runs from February 2nd until February 23rd, 2019

About the Artist: Originally from the Syracuse area, Rowe received her B.S. and M.S. in art from Nazareth College, studying under Kathy Calderwood and Ron Netsky. She is also a writer and editor-at-large for (585) Magazine.