Postcards from the Creative Mind of TeeJay

Whitman Works Company presents a new exhibition featuring Irondequoit artist TeeJay Dill beginning Friday, April 6th and running through Saturday, April 28th. To kick off the exhibit, TeeJay will be painting live at the gallery during an open house, from 12:00 to 5:00 on Friday, April 6th and Saturday, April 7th. The public is invited to watch the artist create and discuss her pieces. TeeJay paints and draws fantastical animals and fairy-tale creatures with extraordinary anthropomorphic detail. This exhibit will show the breadth of her work spanning the last few years.

About the Artist:

TeeJay is a tattooer by day. She has owned and worked out of White Tiger Tattoo here in Rochester for over 20 years. Her personal work has been described as fantastical and time-loose: depicting creatures people and places that are at once familiar and surreal. TeeJay believes these things surround us everyday. She wishes to share them with you to help you discover them in your own life.

Photo Credits: Derek Darling and TeeJay Dill