Un-Expectations: Exploring Female Roles and Voice

Whitman Works Company is proud to present a group art exhibition titled, "Un-Expectations: Exploring Female Roles and Voice".  This juried show, on display Sept 8 – 29, brings together women from all different walks of life. It is an exploration of the often conflicting expectations placed on women in our culture and what they mean to many of us individually. The show will explore expectations, roles, and the many masks that we wear throughout the course of our lives. Contributing artists are encouraged to explore this theme in any form that feels relevant to them, and in any medium.  A portion of any sales of this exhibit will be donate to Resolve of Greater Rochester.

Featured Artists:

Chelsie Angelo
Hayley Dayis
Corinne Fallone (CAF Creations)
Megan Farrell

Gretel Hepler
Romi Hosford
Maria Kane
Peggy Kehoe

Kori Moore
Molly O’Riley (The Darling Rage)
Maureen Robbins
Stacey Rowe

Audrey Rozanov
Carole Sconfitto
Third Bloom Studios