Art is an Investment - In Yourself

So much of what is written about the art world revolves around the idea that art is an investment. Almost all of those articles and posts talk about the work itself. How will we know if it will gain in value? How to determine if an art piece is "important"?

The real value of art is the place it has in your life. Your environment is an important part of what helps create your reality. Art is a powerful tool in helping mold your mindset and focus in key places in your life. Children and teenagers know this better than most!

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Maybe you haven't thought of it this way, but think back to a time when you put posters on your wall. You created an aesthetic that motivated you. Maybe it was escape to a sci-fi world. Maybe those posters reflected a passion for music. Maybe it was all about rebellion! Art brings out your imagination and your passion.

But you are an adult now... maybe it is time to upgrade your tastes from that U2 poster and Union Jack flag that used to hang in your room. Hopefully we can give our kids the kind of expressive freedom that we got during those times.

Art is a catalyst for the kind of energy that you will bring to the rest of your life.

Instead, invest in art that creates the mental space you need for each part of your day. Spending some time thinking about how to optimize your space can have a huge impact. Art is a catalyst for the kind of energy that you will bring to the rest of your life. Original art work has the potential for an even greater impact in your life. When you can physically see the craftsmanship that goes into a spectacular work of art, it is naturally uplifting. It makes you want to reach for your own stars...

Art by Renee Mendler Arts

Art by Renee Mendler Arts