Between the Dreaming: Art by TeeJay Dill

Too often magic and wonder are relegated only to childhood and times of dreaming. But creativity and connection can transpire whenever we look for the beauty, wonder and magic in our lives. The intent of this new series of art is to help people bring joy back into their days... to look a little harder, see things just a little differently, and reveal the magic that was there all along.

"I hope for this show to be a journey into the Other. To grab a bit of magic to carry back into your day-to-day. To bring back the magic Between the Dreaming." ~TeeJay Dill

“Between the Dreaming,” a new exhibition of art by TeeJay Dill, will open at Whitman Works Company gallery on November 1st and continue through November 23rd. Join us in welcoming the artist at the opening reception for her newest exhibition on November 1st from 6-9pm.

To see more of TeeJay Dill's work: TeeJay Dill at Whitman Works Co.

TeeJay Dill's previous exhibitions at Whitman Works Company:
PostCards from the Creative Mind of TeeJay (April 2018)

To learn more about Whitman Works Company gallery, Click Here.


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